l-r: CFO Günter Kitzmüller, Dario Cologna (SUI), Thomas Morgenstern (AUT), Ivica Kostelic (CRO), CEO Franz Föttinger


Fischer – Garant für Erfolg?

Fischer – success guaranteed?

It seems to be so. Because six of the eight possible large crystal globes went to Fischer athletes last season! World Cup winners such as Thomas Morgenstern (AUT), Justyna Kowalczyk (POL), Dario Cologna (SUI), Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN), Tarjei Boe (NOR) and Ivica Kostelić (CRO) counted on equipment from Innviertel in Austria – and won. In the Nordic disciplines 79% of all podium finishes last season were accounted for by athletes with Fischer skis and one in three of them also earned their success and the coveted place on the podium with Fischer boots. In Alpine racing it was Croatia's Ivica Kostelić whose success earned him a place in the history books, winning the first large crystal globe for Fischer since 1969.


"Such achievements deserve a fitting celebration," says Franz Föttinger, CEO at Fischer Sports. "Our athletes gave us plenty of excitement and enjoyment throughout the winter season and we are of course delighted about these fantastic, let me say historical results." The athletes have now also been invited to join in a celebration with employees at Fischer. Superstars Dario Cologna, Ivica Kostelić and Thomas Morgenstern will be rubbing shoulders with Fischer staff at the company to sign autographs for them. Thanks go to the athletes and the employees, as Franz Föttinger continues: "Such achievements are only possible if we at Fischer have the same mindset as out top athletes – never being too satisfied with what you have accomplished, always in search of improvement and working hard for success."


The Ried based ski specialists prepared a fitting welcome for their sporting figureheads as soon as they arrived. The marching in ceremony was accompanied not only by music but also with a guard of honour featuring an archway of skis – all Fischer products, of course! The highlight, however, followed in the course of the official interviews with the stars. In true Walk of Fame style the athletes really left their mark on the celebrations. Their heavily insured feet were the first to be pressed into concrete at Fischer as an eternal place of honour. From now on they will be part of the "Fischer Walk of Fame" - where they will no doubt not have to wait very long before being joined by other overall World Cup winners.