Race Booster
Instead of a rigid construction the flexible, three-part design enables maximum ski flex at the centre of the ski resulting in a previously unthinkable concentration of power for faster and shorter turn initiation.
Optimised flex with free flex action, best possible piste contact, direct power transfer and straight boot position.
Skiing style, piste conditions and the skier‘s weight have a considerable impact on skiing performance. With RACETRACK TUNE.IT it is now possible for the first time to react to these significant factors and make individual adjustments. An adjustment mechanism enables you to regulate rebound very easily using a shock absorption system.
World Cup Plate
Original World Cup Plate from the World Cup, proven in numerous victories.
Further development of Railflex – but wider and lower for improved power transfer. Special features: tool-free adjustment possible, suitable for rental.
Best performance with optimized Flex, low weight and a low stand position. Features: Tool free mounting and adjustment.
Performance plate with full Rental features including Colour Code for fast adjustment and barcode field.
Race Plate Jr.
New Junior Race Plate taken from the World Cup for junior competitions.
Junior Rail
Railflex integration system for the Junior line.
Railflex integration system for the My Style range. Narrower and lighter than the unisex line. Sole only up to 330 mm (not 360 mm).
FP9 Plate
Two-part flex system with improved stability for optimum control and edge grip.