2K Softgrip
The 2K Softgrip is a grip with two soft materials instead of one hard and one soft component as is the case with conventional 2K grips. This results in a perfect hold along the entire grip.
Performance Handle
Ergonomic design adpated to the human hand with extra soft SEBS surface for additional grip. New screwless mounting of strap.
Smart Plug
Easy, fast and screwless change of loop through Smart Plug. A stable and durable plastic pin locks into Performance Handle which fixes the loop.
V-Plug In
Makes inserting and removing the hand much easier. Instead of the transversal loop guides with the straps lying on top of each other, V-plug in the wrist strap forms a V-shape so it is easier for the hand to be inserted.
Special Designed for the Backcountry. Multible Grip Positions – hollow core construction. Cork surface and Ergo Wedge
Grip Elongation
Additionial grip area for a quick change of the handle height adapted to the varying terrain. Structural EVA surface for maximum grip.
Air Carbon 13mm
13 mm design for minimum air contact surface and excellent swing behaviour thanks to high-strength Air Carbon. High degree of stiffness despite extremely low weight.
Air Carbon
Air Carbon/Composite Shafts special constructed for the individual use, optimized in stiffness, weight, swingweight and breaking strength.
Alu 7075 Reinforced
Extremely robust Alu version, especially for racing.
Alu 7075
Hardened material from the aviation and aerospace industry. The exceptional strength despite low weight fascinates all skiers.
Alu 6013
Particularly robust, high-quality material with excellent characteristics especially in terms of tensile strength and stability. The yield strength is extremely high, which is why the shaft bends instead of breaking immediately – bending it back is possible, up to a certain point.
Alu 5083
The standard choice in pole production with sufficient strength at an attractive price.
Flexlite Basket
Unique flex construction with injected webbings. Extreme flexible, very lightweight for low swingweight – 19g. With gripteeth on the inner ring.
Offtrack Basket
Sporty - direction orientated - backcountry basket; Trimmed for light weight(17g) and optimized swingweight. Forward tip for better roll motion;
From the trainer and the coaches to the engineers at Fischer who make every effort to develop the perfect set-up. With technologies that are tuned to each other in the ski, boot, binding and pole. Because victory is a question of perfect details. Now featuring the new RACE CODE label of quality, guaranteeing the technological lead for professionals and other ambitious skiers, direct from Fischer's racing department.
Air Lock System
Ultralight, easy to operate locking system with excellent holding strength. The effective length is shown in the setting window.