2K Softgrip
The 2K Softgrip is a grip with two soft materials instead of one hard and one soft component as is the case with conventional 2K grips. This results in a perfect hold along the entire grip.
V-Plug In
Makes inserting and removing the hand much easier. Instead of the transversal loop guides with the straps lying on top of each other, V-plug in the wrist strap forms a V-shape so it is easier for the hand to be inserted.
Ranger Handle
New Handle Concept for Strapless use at Avalance Danger. Ergo Surface to support power transfer uphill. Different Grip Positions for various slope angles. Ergonomic L+R Shapes. Hollow core construction saves weight.
Special Designed for the Backcountry. Multible Grip Positions – hollow core construction. Cork surface and Ergo Wedge
Grip Elongation
Additionial grip area for a quick change of the handle height adapted to the varying terrain. Structural EVA surface for maximum grip.