Perfect fitting at 80°C for the anatomy of the foot for direct control impulses and more rebound through greater elasticity. Greater temperature stability and 15% less weight.
Vibram Soles
Vibram rubber sole made of two components with different hardnesses for perfect grip on steep rock terrain. Using the hard component at the points where the boot comes into contact with the binding means the rubber sole fulfils the DIN standard for Alpine boots and bindings.
Hike Ride Lock
HIKE: maximum freedom of motion for the cuff so you can walk easily. RIDE: the cuff is blocked at the back, the flex at the front stays smooth – for perfect turns in powder. LOCK: the cuff is blocked as on racing boots for maximum performance on the piste.
On / Off Piste Mode
The boot can be adapted according to the respective snow conditions. Removed spoiler for more forward lean (17°, X-Series 17°) and hard piste conditions (On Piste Mode). Lowered spoiler for less forward lean (14°, X-Series removable spoiler with 12° forward lean) for deep snow and soft piste conditions.
Anti-Slide Soleplates
Added safety thanks to maximum grip through soft TPU. With hard PU as a second component to fulfil the DIN standards.
Adjustable Spoiler
The spoiler is fixed to the boot liner by a Velcro strap and can be adjusted individually. Higher spoiler for more support, lower spoiler for lower calf position, spoiler removed for less forward lean.
Shock Absorber
Shock-absorbing shell insert and damping spoiler for soft landings but still with excellent power transfer.
Impact Protector
Impact protection for cuff buckles to prevent them from opening in a race.
Original V-Position
The natural V-position enables skiers to control their skis with absolute precision.
A specially strengthened shell in the area of the power triangle of the boot enables efficient power transfer from the shaft to the forefoot. This makes turn initiation and the control phase considerably easier. Kinetic energy is transferred exactly to where it is required.
Profiled Sole Plates
Profiled heel plate for a better grip when walking.
Heel & Toe Plates
Replaceable micro heel plates that do not affect power transfer to the ski.
Ski Walk Mode
Easy entry and manually selectable mode for easy walking. Perfect ski setting in Ski mode.
Power Clamp
Replaces the conventional Velcro strap for better power transfer to the shell.
From the trainer and the coaches to the engineers at Fischer who make every effort to develop the perfect set-up. With technologies that are tuned to each other in the ski, boot, binding and pole. Because victory is a question of perfect details. Now featuring the new RACE CODE label of quality, guaranteeing the technological lead for professionals and other ambitious skiers, direct from Fischer's racing department.
On Center Position
Enables faster edge switches, optimum grip and tighter radiuses for the skier.
Maximum Power Transfer
Direct power flow exactly in the direction you want to ski for maximum acceleration.