Full Custom Thermo Toebox
The elastic toebox made of special neoprene and lycra perfectly adapts the forefoot width and offers a high thermal insulation at the same time
Ultralon Padding
Perfect heel fit and direct power transfer through thermo-adjustment of ankle padding. Ideal for the VACUUM FIT process.
Motion Support Liner
A pivot point on the liner cuff where the ankle is increases freedom of movement when required backwards and forwards for easier walking, on ski tours and also on slopes.
Lace Liner
Laceable boot liner to secure heel better when walking.
Rapid Slide System
Extremely soft material in the instep section of the shell together with the Seamless Slider ensure a level of comfort that was previously thought to be impossible when putting on boots of this target group.
Heat System Ready
The cuff and boot liner are prepared for heating systems to be added later.
All rental boots have Sanitized inner lining. Prevents unpleasant odours, bacteria and mould from forming.
Gel Flow Pad
An ankle cushion also used in the World Cup and made of a gel/cork mixture ensures a perfect fit and excellent heel cradling.
Sensitive Toebox
Elastic neoprene ensures optimum fit in toe section and also provides excellent thermal insulation.
High Insulation PolyEthylene: maximum warmth insulation through the 3-layer principle (mesh, aluminium coating, polyethylene). The material also gives you a more homogeneous fit. Thermoformable boot liner.
Pull Straps
Straps on boot liner tongue and rear make it easy to insert foot.
Fur Lining
Warm fur lining for optimum warmth insulation and comfortable fit.
Full Thermofit
Upper material of boot liner is thermoformable for a homogeneous fit.