Fischer Functional Fabrics
Soft shell, high-tech core. Fischer's research and development team work constantly on perfecting high-tech materials. The result: FISCHER FUNCTIONAL FABRICS – guaranteeing top protection against all weather conditions and extremely comfortable at the same time. "Triple-F" refers to waterproof, windproof, breathable and easy drying materials. Whether it's windy or wet, thanks to "Triple-F" the body stays warm and dry all day long.
For full protection in all weathers. The "Triple-F" membrane keeps the body warm and dry and ensures that the garment is pleasant to wear. The material repels moisture, even in extremely harsh conditions while fully sealed seams make sure that no moisture can penetrate.
For a pleasant feeling next to the skin. The "Triple-F" technology allows moisture to be transported to the outside and prevents water from entering inside.
For reliable protection against wind and the cold. "Triple-F" stands for windproof materials that protect the body against chills. Outstanding breathability is guaranteed nevertheless. This is how the body stays pleasantly warm and dry throughout the whole day.
Easy Dry
For regulated moisture management. Sweat is wicked away from the skin and evaporates on the surface of the fabric. Thanks to easy drying properties the body stays warm and well circulated with blood. Risk of injury also decreases as a result.