Die Fischer Transalp 2012


The stage is all set for the 16th of March. The Fischer Transalp will be held for the third time, taking its participants across the Alps on touring skis. From the south to the north in six stages – a special experience which offers enough motivation for the nine chosen adventurers to take on the challenge of some 12,000 metres difference in altitude and a distance of around 120 kilometres.
The journey gets underway with a trip to Santa Caterina in Italy. "This will be the relaxing part, we'll be travelling there together by bus," says co-organiser Christian Lutz of Fischer Sports. But the going will start to get tough on the very next day. Equipped with 35-litre rucksacks, Fischer Transalp skis and plenty of safety equipment, the team of 15 will make their way to Forni. The march will then take them to Latsch, Gries, the Westfalenhütte, Seefeld and finally on to Garmisch.

"We have chosen the route especially from the south to the north to have better conditions on the downhills on the north-facing slopes.  You can always carry your equipment from time to time if there is a lack of snow when you climb the south faces," says mountain guide Stephan Skrobar, who has been meticulously preparing the tour for over half a year. The stages were tried out on foot beforehand and so-called emergency exits were defined as alternative options in the event of an emergency. The three mountain guides also monitored the weather conditions with painstaking precision and with the help of local residents. "We have already had the experience where a change of plan was necessary right at the beginning of a tour. If you are well prepared, you are not taken by surprise," is the opinion shared by the Fischer Transalp experts.

Besides the numerous experiences on the summits, the wonders of nature and unforgettable impressions, Axel Naglich is another highlight of the tour. The extreme sportsman who rose to fame in his adventure "Mount St. Elias" will also be joining the team. Not just for one day, but from the beginning to the end. "I'm already looking forward to it! A six-day tour across the Alps might not be as dangerous as an expedition in the Himalayas, but with a party of 15 it is quite a challenge," says the expert on special adventures, aware of the risks involved. The Fischer Transalp may be about searching for new challenges, but safety always comes first!

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