Philipp Schörghofer (AUT)
Reinfried Herbst (AUT)


After changing to Fischer as equipment sponsor the two new stars in the Fischer team went separate ways to begin with. Reinfried Herbst (AUT) took some time off to recover from shoulder surgery while Philipp Schörghofer (AUT) chilled out on holiday. The two racers then made their way to Ried to have a say in the development of their racing skis.
 "The new skis are a bit more difficult to ski again. Simply moving your knees over is not enough. The more moderate sidecut of the skis makes skiing somewhat harder again. Having said that, I still believe that the good Giant Slalom racers of recent years will be leading the way again," says Philipp Schörghofer, based on initial equipment tests. So they have all the latest information right down to the last detail, both "Schörgi" as he is known and team colleague Reinfried Herbst make regular visits to their new equipment sponsor Fischer Sports in Ried.

"There's not too much going on this year in terms of Slalom skis as there has been no change to the rules and regulations. But I'm just about to set off for my first days of skiing after my injury and I want to know what's happening," says Herbst, who will be back on his skis again in July. The Austrian has spent some weeks undergoing therapy on his arm. A shoulder operation that was already due in December was the reason behind it. "I can do most things again. But too much strain and quick movements are still not a good idea!"

Holiday bliss

Philipp Schörghofer did not share the same fate. On the contrary: Schörghofer headed off to Thailand for a holiday with his girlfriend, Nina. Time to enjoy life and culture, a brief shopping trip and, of course, swimming. He enjoyed seventeen days of no stress and then looked forward to returning home again.

Fitness training in Majorca

Herbst and Schörghofer are flying out to Majorca together with the team on Wednesday for fitness training. The focus will be on cycling the whole week. "But not on the beaches, after all, it's not supposed to be a holiday. We're there to work," agree the two of them, but still with a grin on their faces.