Niki Salencon, 30 years, is living for freeriding and already collected some impressive results in numerous Big Mountain competitions like the Freeride World Tour and the ualifier Events. As Fischer already reported, the Argentinian could ensure the victory at „Red Bull Beyond the Line“ last month, ensuring him a spot at the Red Bull Linecatcher, a Backcountry competition tob e held in France early 2014.

Basti Huber, Fischer Freestyle team manager and freerider had a short chat with Niki collecting some statements about his ride and his bonds to Fischer:
The way is the goal – what was your way to win the Contest?
I started the Freestyle day with a Hand-Drag 360 on the first jump, followed by a switch 180, then i jumped a rock with a mute grab, did a 360 unnatural next , jumped a wind lip doing a 180. This was followed by a couple of turns, and a big Cork 360, and then a Misty 720 mute grab.
The feeride day i skied really fast, jumped some rocks, rode a technical section, skied that really well and jumped the big last rock.
Why did you choose the Fischer Big Stix 122 for your ride?
I prefer to ride the Big Stix 122 - especially in a competition like the Red Bull Beyond The Line! It gives me the security to offer me what I need, be it jumps or Freeride. A real allround-ski for the backcountry and powder!
What do you connect with the Fischer brand?
Fischer to me is fresh design, well-engineered technologies and pure riding enjoyment. Being a company with tradition, development and innovation are key topics. One feels the familiar background and cohesion – this strengthens the athlete and one has a clear mind for the important stuff.
What’s next? How do you prepare for the upcoming season?
(laughs) I’m in the middle of my season already! Right now I’m in South America – it’s raining at the moment, but I’m hoping to ride some lines before I return to Europe for the winter!