Siegi Voglreiter (racing director Fischer Sports) and Philipp Schörghofer
Siegi Voglreiter (racing director Fischer Sports) and Christoph Nösig
Tour of the plant
Siegi Voglreiter, Christoph Nösig, Pepi Fischer, Philipp Schörghofer (vlnr)
autograph session
autograph session


It was a full programme yesterday (Wednesday) for Austrian athletes Philipp Schörghofer and Christoph Nösig with contract extensions, a tour of the plant, small talk with employees, photos, filming and an autograph session for staff.
The Upper Austrian company Fischer Sports, which this year celebrates its 90th anniversary, is delighted about the two contract extensions. Christoph Nösig, who had to miss last season due to a torn ligament and a meniscus injury in his left knee, is eagerly awaiting the 15I16 WCH season. "It is of course bitter that I missed an Olympic season of all things, but rehab went well which meant that I've been back on skis again since the beginning of May and now there is nothing to stop me making a comeback in autumn."
Both athletes attach great importance to visiting their ski company and appreciate above all the contact with the employees. "It's always a pleasure for me to be in Ried and see the faces behind the skis. After all, there are a lot of things in Ried which are still handcrafted, and that's hard work. This is why it's good to do something for the employees when you can and it makes it even more fun when you can see how much they appreciate it."
To express their thanks to the hard-working staff, the two racers insisted on treating the entire racing team to snacks and refreshments at lunchtime which they then enjoyed together with them.
The two athletes have been fixed members of the Fischer racing family since 2012 and will continue to belong to it for the next two years as well. Siegi Voglreiter, Racing Director at Fischer Sports, is delighted about how things have progressed: "Schörgi and Christoph are two top athlete signings for another two years for our team. Christoph is now fully fit again after his injury and will be brimming with enthusiasm when he starts out in the upcoming season. Philipp is one of the best Giant Slalom racers in Austria. He has a lot of potential which, however, he has not yet fully exploited. If he manages to repeat his training performance in races then he will be a contender for top places."