Tanja Poutiainen (FIN)
Therese Borssen (SWE)
Sarka Zahrobska (CZE)
Nicole Hosp (AUT)
Jessica Depauli (AUT)
Tanja Poutiainen (FIN)


Top results for Fischer Sports in the first women's World Cup Slalom of the season in Levi (FIN): Tanja Poutiainen (FIN) clinches second place to get an exciting Slalom winter off to an excellent start. In the lead after the first run she was then beaten into second place overall only by an extremely strong Maria Höfl-Riesch (GER). Poutiainen was supported by her Fischer colleagues with Therese Borssen (SWE) in sixth and – notably – Sarka Zahrobska (CZE) who finished 13th.
Finn going from strength to strength

After some difficulties to begin with the Finn is now in top form and a force to be reckoned with for the other racers: "Things started looking up again for me on Thursday. In the first run I almost felt like the old Tanja again, in the second I had to fight a little. I'm confident that I can still get more out of myself!"

Racing boss delighted

An excellent start to the season then –  not only for Poutiainen but also for Fischer Racing Director Siegi Voglreiter: "You could of course be tempted to say it's a shame we didn't win the race. But it could also have gone the other way and we end up with no podium at all. I'm really happy for Tanja. She had a tough time recently. Especially when things didn't go to plan last season. And we mustn't forget the fantastic achievements of Therese Borssen, Sarka Zahrobska and Niki Hosp today!"

Team with great potential

Borssen, who was in fourth place after the first run with the top three within reach, is also satisfied: "This is very good for the start of the season. And I'm sure I'm capable of more!" And even though you could tell by the look on her face that Nicole Hosp (AUT) was disappointed about dropping from fifth place to 17th, this race is to be seen in a positive light: "She still lacks confidence in the race, which is hardly surprising after skiing out so many times in previous races. But today's race is one that she can build on. And we know from training that she can ski extremely fast," says Voglreiter.

The team result of the Fischer athletes is worth noting. 20th place for young racer Barbara Wirth (GER), 23rd for Jessica Depauli (AUT) and 27th place for Sandrine Aubert (FRA).