Philipp Schörghofer (AUT)
Philipp Schörghofer (AUT)
Philipp Schörghofer (AUT) beim Fischer-Fotoshooting


The Alpine ski World Cup season gets under way again this weekend. And Philipp Schörghofer (AUT), a new face in the Fischer team, is ready for action. Rumour has it that he is one of the strongest racers in the Austrian ski team. Read this interview to find out what he has to say about this.
People are saying that you're on top form. How do you see things at the moment?

I would say that I'm satisfied. I'm among the fastest in Austria, as the training sessions I've had with Marcel Hirscher have shown. I've got used to the new skis but because of the changes in the rulings I need a very intensive warm-up with them in the morning to make sure everything's just right.

How do things compare internationally, who do you consider to be strong?

We will have to wait for Sunday for the first real comparison. But there are some racers who are 'late starters', like Blardone last year, for example. I certainly have Ligety and Hirscher high up on the list. Together with Thomas Fanara, if he skis like he did in Argentina.

How are your nerves in the run-up to Sölden?

There's definitely a kick. The thought of the first race is really cool, I'm looking forward to it. I'll certainly feel more nervous in the first race than later on when I've found my rhythm in the World Cup. But a little nervousness is good before any race.

One of your major goals is to win in Sölden one day. Will this be the day?

It may well be. But what I want most of all for now is to ski well. I'm ready for the first race. Things are different now to how they were in the past when the first race always came too early for me. I know that Sölden is a run that calls for a killer instinct. You simply have to go for it!

There have been two changes for you: you have a new equipment sponsor and there is the new ruling. What impact have they had?

For us as racers the new skis really make a huge difference, this is no small deal! Everyone who tested the new models for the first time earlier in the year found it hard to adjust. It has made skiing itself extremely difficult. Having said that, it's the same for everybody and it's in the interest of safety. As far as I'm concerned, I haven't really found out whether the ruling is a good or a bad thing.

Assuming you are in the lead after the first run on Sunday, do you think you will still be in first place at the end of the race?

That's quite possible. I was in second place after the first run when I won my first race. Having said that, I also skied out in the second run after being in the lead last year. This makes the chances 50:50. But I think I'm capable of delivering. Tactics and just trying to hold on to the lead are a waste of time. I will give my all in the second run, regardless of what place I'm in!

What goes through your mind in the minutes before the race?

As little as possible is always good. I do everything as in training. Unlike other racers I don't go through the race in my head. I simply try to ignore everything that's going on around me and don't do anything special.

What do you concentrate on during the last days before the first race of the season?

We had a couple of days in the Möll valley where I had a really good feeling. The focus now is on fitness training. On Saturday I'll be back on the skis again for training and perhaps try out the slope.

Many thanks and good luck for the first race on Sunday!