Jean-Baptiste Grange (FRA)
Lena Dürr (GER)
Philipp Schörghofer (AUT)


Perfect scenes, perfect poses: Schörghofer, Cologna and co. took centre stage with an outstanding performance. The skiing stars made their way to equipment sponsor Fischer Sports where they demonstrated their modelling talents at a photoshoot away from the slopes and tracks.
As in the previous year, it was time to say "Smile please!" once again this summer at the production facility in Ried. Lena Dürr (GER), Anders Bardal (NOR), Dario Cologna (SUI), Jean-Baptiste Grange (FRA) and Philipp Schörghofer (AUT) all took part in the photoshoot in very impressive style. Promising young Alpine talent Lena Dürr stayed cool despite climbing high for some of the pictures and even the wind and the rain couldn't dampen her spirits. Overall World Cup ski jumping winner Anders Bardal was flying high with some brave dry training jumps while Dario Cologna and Jean-Baptiste Grange were in action in the production buildings. The "industry and sport" theme presents the athletes in a whole new light, with a direct focus on the personal relationship with the company.

All the athletes are more than satisfied with the results. The photoshoot brought out the best in these great personalities and the weather also created some outstanding moods and effects. All in all, an extremely successful photoshoot!