With the shipping of the new skiing equipment there will again be new RACE CODES for all the users of our racing products. All original race products feature the new code which you need to log in to the insider platform. This is where you will find all the details on the successful Fischer package of skis, boots and bindings.

Hans Knauss via video link

A new World Cup ruling brings with it a number of changes and will certainly make this upcoming winter an exciting one. The former top Austrian athlete and Fischer racer Hans Knauss comments on and explains the skis. Thanks to his racing experience he knows the skis inside and out and explains the top products on video for you.

Special development for Masters

The so-called "Masters Race Skis", are completely new. These have been developed especially for people who take part in races as a hobby and, thanks to their ingenious sidecut, offer top performance on international competition slopes. A stronger radius is integrated in combination with reduced widths. This gives the skis their extremely universal characteristics, making them ideal for use on soft to icy slopes.

Further information

The platform also has all the information you need about the unique and revolutionary VACUUM FIT technology for which there is a huge demand particularly in racing.
Plus: loads of background information, the new ruling, tips, and information from specialists on ideal preparation! This information is available only with the login code of the racing products http://www.fischersports.com/de/Alpine/RACE-CODE/Login.