Ivica Kostelić (CRO)
Nicole Hosp (AUT)
Manfred Mölgg (ITA)
Tanja Poutiainen (FIN)
Philipp Schörghofer (AUT)


There is often a fine line between joy and despair at World Championships. But major events such as Schladming are undoubtedly preceded by a huge amount of effort and inspiration. Hard work which paid off for Fischer, as the following results show:
1 x Gold (N. Hosp, P. Schörghofer for AUT in the Team Event)
1 x Silver (I. Kostelić (CRO) in the Super Combined)
3 x Bronze (N. Hosp in the Super Combined, M. Mölgg in GS, L. Dürr and V. Hronek in the Team Event for GER)

Won silver – didn't 'lose gold'

Five medals at World Championships is an outstanding achievement for the fine team flying the tradition-steeped Fischer flag. The gold medal which was within reach for Ivica Kostelić in the Super Combined may of course be missing but the Croatian was simply not the best on the day and celebrated silver with his team as if it were gold.

Mölgg confirms what he is capable of

Fortune was on the side of Manfred Mölgg as he clinched bronze in Giant Slalom. But he certainly deserved it, as the South Tyrolean had been consistently strong throughout the season which reached a highlight for him with the medal. However it was a different story for brand colleague Thomas Fanara (FRA) who skied out of the race with a fantastic intermediate time only two gates before reaching the finish. One man's joy is another man's sorrow – for Fanara it was a very sad day as he had everything going his way on the day in this particular race.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Tanja Poutiainen's fourth place in the Slalom had as little to do with bad luck as Niki Hosp's bronze medal in the Super Combined with good luck. Poutiainen, who was in second place and within striking distance after the first run with gold there for the taking, was much too cautious and safe in the second leg. With Niki Hosp it was a different story. After a top performance in the Downhill, she went on to risk everything in the Slalom. Hosp skied her own race and, thanks to the fastest time, earned herself the much coveted medal.


World Championships mean exceptional circumstances in which three medals are awarded in each discipline. As many as 80 athletes fight for these medals, with around 15 of them ranking among the top favourites. Disappointments, surprises and feelings of joy are the order of the day. For Fischer, one thing is clear: the medals won by the athletes were no unexpected surprises, they are highly deserved trophies and the result of hard work that has earned them success.