Ivica Kostelić, master on skis, is a man of many talents. And at this photo shooting session he revealed another whole new side to himself: cool and casual!

Ivica Kostelić, the number one in the ski World Cup, showed his strength once again at the World Cup opener. His performance at the Giant Slalom in Sölden saw him clinch a surprising fifth place. A more than successful start to the season, especially considering the target he had in mind before the race: he originally had his sights set on a top-20 finish. A remarkable result that Kostelić would never have even dreamt of.

However, it was at a performance given to the World Cup "circus" in Lenzerheide (SUI) where the Croatian racer showed that he is not only gifted in sporting terms. Performing together with a Croatian band, he took the crowds to fever pitch at a party as they celebrated the World Cup starting its summer break. And for those who didn't know before, this was certainly the time to see that Kostelić also has a passion for one of his other talents – music.

Just like Johnny Cash, his role model in music, Ivica Kostelić also has a special relationship with his guitar, which he takes with him wherever he goes. And that includes Ried in Austria, when Kostelić visits his equipment sponsor Fischer Sports. We managed to capture some images of the skiing star as he walked around the production facilities. The good-looking athlete, known by most for his sporty looks, proved to be a fascinating subject, this time in smart and casual wear. Visit his athlete's profile to check out the entire collection of photos and some shots of him with his trusty guitar: