Ivica Kostelić (CRO)
Ivica Kostelić (CRO)
Ivica Kostelić (CRO)


World Cup win despite injury?

Ivica Kostelić (CRO) is the big winner of today's Super Combined in the Olympic dress rehearsal in Sochi (RUS). His impressive victory ahead of Beat Feuz (SUI) also earned Kostelić the title in the Combined World Cup. Having clinched victory three times in four races the Croatian has now made things clear in this particular World Cup ranking. Kostelić has also increased his lead in the overall World Cup at the same time. Today's race, however, also had a negative consequence for the best skier in the world at the current time: Kostelić may have injured a knee joint.
Initial diagnosis: meniscus injury


It is assumed that there is a problem with his meniscus (which had already been giving him trouble) which flared up during Kostelić's outstanding Slalom run. The Slalom expert acted as if nothing had happened during the run with his textbook turns on what was a very difficult piste. Despite going into a clear lead he appeared to be disturbed by something. This was hardly surprising as the winner of the Combined World Cup had to limp out of the finish area and was treated immediately in the medical tent. "I know this pain, I've often had it and most of the time it was the meniscus. But we won't be able to say anything of course until I've had it checked out in hospital," said Kostelić, forced to swallow a bitter pill despite the day being so successful.


Downhill the foundation stone, Slalom the icing on the cake


Ivica Kostelić had already put in a strong performance in the Super Combined Downhill run, paving the way for the Slalom with a good 15th place, only 1.52 seconds behind the leader. Kostelić then left his opponents no chance in "his" discipline. Even technical specialist Benni Raich (AUT) was trailing 0.66 seconds behind today's winner. An icy slope, a technically demanding run and interesting terrain do of course favour Slalom experts such as Kostelić, but: "The Downhill is also extremely fast, with lots of bumps and it really takes it out of you. The speed specialists certainly have bigger advantages here. So all in all the chances were balanced," says Kostelić, who once again showed that he is capable of seizing an opportunity.