Ivica Kostelić (CRO)
Ivica Kostelić (CRO)
Patrick Thaler (ITA)


Third Wengen victory in succession

Ivica Kostelić's victory in Wengen has earned him a place in the history books. After winning the Slaloms in 2002, 2010 and 2011 this was his third victory in a row here. He left his opponents trailing – 85 hundredths of a second behind him – and enjoyed his place in the sun: "It's an incredible feeling, I can't describe it! Wengen has always been my favourite course and there's no changing that," said a very happy Kostelić in the finish area.
Outclassed the rest of the field


Kostelić was in third place after the first run, only three hundredths of a second behind leader Matt (AUT). Nothing more than a hair's breadth, but the serial winner was not satisfied. He was critical of his performance: "Not a good run," was how the Slalom World Cup leader saw it. But this merely meant that the master of the slopes went on to attack even more in the second run. "I tried to ski a tactical race. I was cautious in the upper section of the course and then pulled out all the stops in the lower section. Luckily it paid off." His fans' hearts almost sank into their boots when they saw his tactical approach. Thousands of Croatian supporters who had made their way to Wengen held their breath when they saw the first split time. Almost the entire lead had disappeared. Kostelić then stepped up a gear and went on to ski the fastest time in the second run. He clinched victory with the style seen only in the biggest names in skiing.

The Croatian's tally is certainly an impressive one: if you count the Slalom and Super Combined, this podium finish was the tenth overall and the sixth victory for the skiing ace.


Fischer everywhere you look


Patrick Thaler (ITA) also picked up World Cup points again for twelfth place. In the finish area he congratulated his brand colleagues Markus Vogel (SUI) and Markus Larsson (SWE) on finishing 16th and 17th. Fischer yellow was certainly a winning colour all round in the race. Once again the athletes with Fischer ski boots put in a good performace as well with Christian Devise (ITA) finishing 6th, Stefano Gross (ITA) in 7th, Jens Byggmark 10th (SWE) and Manfred Pranger (AUT) in 11th.