Ban from competition being discussed for new ski jumping brand from Fischer

Is Fischer's supremacy a thorn in the side for the FIS?

Fischer has been a force to be reckoned with in Nordic skiing for over 30 years and is also known as a long-standing and reliable provider of equipment in the ski jumping world. Even throughout the economic crisis that everyone has been talking about, Fischer never questioned its commitment to ski jumping, while an increasing number of other companies withdrew from the World Cup.

Fischer is currently the equipment sponsor for over 90 per cent of all World Cup ski jumping athletes and, besides the ski brand Elan, the only remaining noteworthy manufacturer of ski jumping skis. In economic terms this situation has been unacceptable for Fischer for a long time and no longer makes sense in terms of brand policy either.

Second team planned with partner

Fischer has been making efforts for some time now and with the involvement of the International Ski Federation (FIS) to find a new basis for its commitment to ski jumping, also in the interest of the sport itself. It is for this reason that Fischer is now working with a two-brand strategy in ski jumping with the assistance of a brand partner. This model can be compared to those commonly practiced in motor sports partnerships (as in Formula One racing, for example).
With Sport 2000 Fischer has found a partner that supports this approach and has provided Fischer with the brand rights for Sport 2000 jumping skis. This project complies with all current FIS rulings that are in force.

Fischer informed the FIS about this cooperation with Sport 2000 in the course of its preparations for the imminent World Cup opening in Kuusamo (FIN).

Jumping ski dismissed as non-compliant

According to information Fischer has received, however, the FIS regards the jumping skis manufactured by Fischer with the Sport 2000 design to be non-compliant.
Fischer cannot understand this view of the FIS and is thus making every effort to obtain a comprehensive statement from the FIS officials. Fischer strongly suspects that the rejection of the Fischer/Sport 2000 jumping ski is based on a haphazard interpretation of the rules by certain officials.

FIS ruling open to interpretation

The FIS clearly works with double standards: it was only recently that the FIS confirmed the compliance of the new jumping ski brand Fluege.de. This information was forwarded to Fischer by a well-known national ski federation. This means that Fluege.de jumping skis are authorised as official equipment, i.e. the FIS acknowledges Fluege.de as the manufacturer of these jumping skis. After examining the company structures hiding behind Fluege.de, Fischer regards this conclusion to be highly questionable. The FIS regards Fluege.de as the continuation of the former ski producer Germina which, according to the FIS, is under the sole ownership of Fluege.de. Fischer, on the other hand, has information from a credit rating agency that contradicts this.

Fischer working in the interest of the sport and its athletes

Fischer will do everything within its power to establish a broader basis for its commitment to ski jumping. Should this not be possible, Fischer will be forced to reconsider its activities in this discipline.