New location

Egon Zimmermann (AUT) wins the gold medal in the Olympic downhill with Fischer's "Alu-Steel". On October 9, Fischer opens its new premises on the outskirts of Ried, the largest in the world for a ski manufacturer.


A new generation

Josef Fischer Senior dies of a heart attack. He leaves behind him one of the biggest ski companies in the world. Josef Fischer Junior and his sister, Selma Sturmberger, now run the company.


New design

A brand achieves worldwide acclaim. Prof. Rudolf Ferch develops the new logo:
the Fischer triangle.



New markets

Fischer conquers the world market. A quarter of production is already destined for export. A major setback occurs on November 15, when the factory catches fire. The factory is rebuilt and extended to 8,000m² with production at 50,000 pairs of skis.


Second World War

Throughout the Second World War not a day passes without production at Fischer. When the war ends, production resumes after only a few weeks' interruption.


Series Production

On the way to becoming a ski factory. Skis are made in several stages; first signs of series production.


Founding the company

In 1924 Josef Fischer Senior begins making handcarts, sledges in a wooden barn and some few skis. More than eighty years later Fischer is a global group of companies. To this very day Fischer has retained its identity as a family business, successful on an international scale through a symbiosis of tradition, pioneering and high-tech.