Only C-LINE products feature the exclusive RACETRACK TUNE.IT. This feature means you can adjust the completely unrestricted ski flex in line with individual requirements and outside influences. Skiing style, piste conditions and the skier‘s weight have a considerable impact on skiing performance.

With RACETRACK TUNE.IT it is possible for the first time to react to these significant factors and make individual adjustments. An adjustment mechanism enables you to regulate rebound very easily using a shock absorption system.
Pist Weight Style Result
Carbon is a first-class high-tech material: ultralight, extremely strong and very valuable. Fischer is now using carbon for the first time in ski production as the „supporting shell“ – the chassis of the ski, so to speak. The carbon fibres surround the core of the ski like a jacket, ensuring optimum torsional stiffness and stability.

The Full Carbon Jacket (FCJ) construction enables top precision when skiing.

New: the further development of Full Carbon Jacket. The new carbon structure gives you an even better balance of flex and torsion. See it and feel it: the enhanced looks and a considerable reduction in weight compared to existing carbon structures.