Zip City
The premium label C-LINE from Fischer Sports was developed specially for winter fans who attach importance to individuality. A great deal of technical expertise and years of experience go into the development of these products.

C-LINE is a further development of our top models in all categories. C-LINE skis get their character from the extremely valuable material carbon which is used for all C-LINE models. This premium material is extremely versatile and its properties are reflected in our C-LINE skis: light, stable, long-lasting and exquisite. The special features are also included in the unique design of the C-LINE series. Every model has a character of its own and every skier is bound to enjoy his or her skiing.

The two-year C-LINE collection consists of nine attractive ski models, a perfectly matching boot and two poles. Sporty and a treat for the eyes – this is how C-LINE products cater for all wishes.